Why I Want to Be a Part of Automattic’s Team


Why Are Automattic and Mrs. Lee a Good Fit?

We believe in a better world, adventure, and happiness!

We uphold the belief that the Internet has an important role in creating positive change, and that those who work online have a duty to share this positivity with others, especially in the face of such challenging times.

We are motivated to empower individuals to succeed in their business goals and be free to express their unique voice and brand.

We believe in a cooperative and synergistic team that offers mentorship and a way to expand knowledge to become an expert in the field.

We believe in happy employees and happy customers. It makes the world go round!

We believe in creativity, enthusiasm, and adventure! We share core values that make getting up and going to work not really work at all 🙂

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Joyful Service to Small Businesses

“Katherine is skilled at using state-of-the-art marketing and communications techniques to promote social causes. A master of framing issues and packaging social marketing campaigns for maximum effectiveness.”

—Dr. Michael Siegel, Anti-Tobacco Legislator, Professor at Boston University School of Public Health

joyful-service-to-small-businessesMany small businesses need help developing a data-driven marketing strategy, with indicators that can refine their voice and messages over time. Part of my specialty has been consulting and educating individuals or organizations to do just that. I have refined a fun and creative envisioning process that helps them speak their truth, tell a story, and most importantly, create a bridge that speaks to the hearts of their audience based on shared core values. This strategy has been proven 4 times more effective than other marketing strategies.

Magnificent at selecting just the right words. She has a gift.”  More testimonials.

One of the key tools I developed for these small businesses and nonprofits to have the same voice across channels is a “one-pager branding handout” for distribution amongst staff, stakeholders, and volunteers. It has served as an effective way to maximize limited resources and improve long-term success. The following are samples of this handout:

7 Years of Experience Across Marketing Channels

From the major social media sites, to search engine optimization and keyword analysis, to advertising, to creative copy design, to email automation and list development, I have always been willing to roll up my sleeves and get involved directly in campaigns.

Ever since I began marketing seven years ago, I have enjoyed taking what I’ve learned and sharing it with teams of people willing to learn and improve their own strategies. Eventually, my weekly newsletter and blog became a book and two online Udemy courses.

Most recently, I created an educational site that culminates all that I have learned for a worldwide nonprofit. It reaches 150 people involved in their individual centers from India to Italy to the US, and allows us to work collaboratively on large-scale, multi-platform campaigns. Together we had the goal to increase readership of a special book Steve Jobs asked to be given out at his funeral (and was the only book on his iPad): Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda. 

Some of the major results we had were an improved search engine ranking (from spot #4 to spot #2 on Google for the keyword phrase “autobiography of a yogi”), an increase in an introductory organization email list by over 3,000 subscribers, and a viral social media video with over 500,000 views—the largest viewership that year.

The interactive landing page where we drove traffic across channels can be viewed at www.GoYogananda.com. The story of this campaign and examples of cross-channel content developed can be viewed here.

Ability to Test and Revise Messaging Based on Data

My research background emphasized a balance of both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies for success, including formative marketing research.

During my time at Applied Survey Research, I was able to see the power of data to drive change in communities. I saw the importance of communicating significant findings in the right way so that they could be used to fund new programs or refine the current goals of community stakeholders.

I also had the opportunity to design a public advertising campaign for the city of Quincy, Massachusetts. Our team conducted surveys amongst two target audiences to create a message that would resolve the city’s underage drinking epidemic:

During my time in Boston, I was also given the opportunity to drive an important media and social advocacy campaign for a local coalition, aiming to update alcohol laws in the state of Massachusetts.

Kids have the right to no ads in sight!
Kids have the right to no ads in sight!

Eventually, our bill gained press coverage and a new law was passed to ban alcohol advertising on public transportation throughout the state.

Samples of messaging and voice during the campaign for Supporting an Alcohol Ad-Free Environment in Massachusetts (SAFE-MA):

Additional samples of data-driven work:

But Most of All! I Am Enthusiastic and Happy to Be a Part of the Automattic Team


I believe that Automattic’s job flexibility is a great fit for a mother and someone with a growing family.

I have a lot of energy to give and would be an asset to the team, with my unique experience in the marketing field and public health education and research background.

I enjoy communicating with others to paint a clear picture and see projects through to success. And during my past years as a consultant, blogger, and entrepreneur, have had to work hard on taking my own initiative to see success.

I know that there is always room to grow, and I feel I am at an important place in my career where I would like to be a part of a team that has the potential to reach millions of people with a powerful message.

Thank you for taking the time to see if I would be a good fit for your company.