Joyful digital marketing coaching and consultation services for individuals, nonprofits, or small businesses with an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.

We all need a fresh perspective when it comes to creating successful goals and strategies for our vision. With so many marketing tips and tools available, it is great to have a “help-mate” to navigate and prioritize, taking some of the stress off so creativity and innovation can reign again!

That’s what my hope is when it comes to serving those who choose to partner with me through my marketing coaching and services.

Are You In Need of Individual Coaching?

One-on-one training and ongoing education for social media, web, advertising, PR, and more. Includes my book, How to Successfully Share Inspiration with the World: For Those Who Want to Spread Light.

At-home study and online coaching via Zoom available. Free 15-minute consult to get started for your first time or 30-min, 60-min and 2-hour slots available at

Those with special financial need can request a sliding scale or let me know on an individual basis. Blissful Community members not on a sliding scale may receive a 10% discount. Contact me with any questions.

“Absolutely brilliant suggestions!  I loved every one of them. Thank you, thank you!” —V.B. San Jose, CA.

What topics are you most interested in?

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Online Marketing Success
  • Prioritization and Organization: Individual or Team
  • How to Secure Your Online Passwords and Documents with Teams
  • How to Write for the Web
  • How to Make Your Website User-Friendly
  • Digital Marketing Coaching
  • Online Advertising Strategy
  • Live Streaming Tips and Public Speaking
  • How to Create an Online Course
  • The Best Simple Strategy for Online Marketing to Help You Exponentially Grow
  • Content Marketing: Going Viral
  • How to Tell a Story (Storytelling)
  • Google Advertising and Keyword Tool
  • The Power of Why
  • Increase Your Email Open Rates
  • How to Title Your Blogs So More People See It
  • How to Be a Supportive Leader
  • Stress Reduction Tips for the Workplace
  • The Power of Unplugging to Prevent Burnout
  • Building Your Social Media Networks
  • Pinterest (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Twitter (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Instagram (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Facebook (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • YouTube (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • LinkedIn (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Crowdfunding Campaigns (GoFundMe, etc.)
  • Automated Drip Email Campaigns
  • Marketing Research and Analytics

Are there other topics not listed here that you’d like to see?

Interested in having me come to speak to a larger group about the power of positive marketing for good?

Message me directly or let’s schedule a free 15-minute call.

“I remember being very helped hearing you speak and I knew you have a very good reputation for this kind of work. Our staff has been very impressed with your work and everyone is absolutely thrilled. Being a contractors wife I appreciate the idea that if you get the foundation right all else will follow. And you need someone who knows how to build a good foundation!” —Pavani, Educator at Living Wisdom School in Portland, Oregon area

How Can We Work Together?

I believe that the Internet has an important role in creating positive change and that those who work online have a duty to share this positivity with others, especially in the face of such challenging times.

I am motivated to empower individuals to succeed in their business goals and be free to express their unique voice and brand.

I believe in a cooperative and synergistic educational coaching model that offers marketing mentorship to expand knowledge and take beginners to expert in the field of communications. Especially those who believe in marketing for good.

“Kalamali is skilled at using state-of-the-art marketing and communications techniques to promote social causes. A master of framing issues and packaging social marketing campaigns for maximum effectiveness.” —Dr. Michael Siegel, Anti-Tobacco Legislator, Professor at Boston University School of Public Health

Many small businesses need help developing a data-driven marketing strategy, with indicators that can refine their voice and messages over time. Part of my specialty has been consulting and educating individuals or organizations to do just that. I have refined a fun and creative envisioning process that helps them speak their truth, tell a story, and most importantly, create a bridge that speaks to the hearts of their audience based on shared core values. This strategy has been proven 4 times more effective than other marketing strategies.

Magnificent at selecting just the right words. She has a gift.”   

One of the key tools I developed for these small businesses and nonprofits to have the same voice across channels is a “one-pager branding handout” for distribution amongst staff, stakeholders, and volunteers. It has served as an effective way to maximize limited resources and improve long-term success. The following are samples of this handout:

In addition, I believe in using analytics and data science to measure success and improve strategies over time.

“I would highly recommend Kalamali without a moment’s hesitation for any job. We just started a non-profit called Seva Sandals and she drove the project all the way through start to finish. Her knowledge of marketing and promotions was very impressive. Her attitude was always positive and enthusiastic, her level of energy high, and she did everything in a most expedient manner. She has a very serviceful and pleasant disposition and was a joy to work with.” —Krishnadas Locicero, VP, Seva Sandals, Nevada City, CA

Contact me for more information or view my blog to learn answers to common marketing questions.

Are You Interested in Social Media Coaching?

Below are samples of educational social media handouts for your own learning and growth, as well as examples of social media campaign successes that demonstrate ability:

Social Media Handouts

Additional Social Media Webinars available on my YouTube Channel.

Examples of Success

  • From 0 to over 30,000 likes in one year for the Finding Happiness Movie on Facebook. Use of happiness content marketing strategy and less than $500 per month budget for advertising.
  • From 9,000 to over 40,000 likes using content marketing for Ananda Worldwide page—with $1,000 budget.
  • Pinterest account with 8,000 monthly viewers, no advertising.
  • Increased YouTube subscribers by 2,000 in one year for Ananda by way of search engine optimization retitling and description improvements, more useful playlists, and income-generating features and app integration setup.
  • Managed nearly 40,000 followers Twitter account for the spiritual teacher, Paramhansa Yogananda.
  • Set up integrated social media accounts for over 50 businesses, individuals, and organizations.
“Kalamali helped us with a project involving building a business for a new retreat house. I and some others met with her to share the background and our ideas. She picked up the project from there, and with a joyful spirit generated overview summary materials right away to make sure she had the picture right—plunging into the needed work. In very little time, Kalamali did a number of interviews and collated and shared that input. She did a great deal of research on market potential and organized and shared that through clear communication. She made suggestions on how we should proceed and when our decisions were made, Kalamali generated new web site copy and other changes. These will allow us to use the language of our markets and more clearly present what we have to offer. She also was a key player in helping us get a joint venture started with another division. In short, Kalamali is bright, focused, organized, efficient, a good communicator, and a real pleasure to work with.” Timothy Hickey, General Manager, The Expanding Light Retreat, Nevada City, CA

Are You Interested in Web Design or Development?

My specialty is helping non-profits or small businesses find their voice and a strong brand that speaks to the hearts of their audience through the window that is their website. Website work includes advanced marketing research, google analytics, and search engine optimization.

I help people improve their websites such that within the two seconds we have to capture an audience’s attention online, we have a chance to speak to them and tell a story that moves the heart.

“The feedback from folks about the site is terrific!  Everyone loves it.  You really do have a gift of being able to do this.” —Virginia, CA, Multi-Nonprofit Director

Read a Success Story

With a holistic content marketing strategy, I led a team to move from rank #4 to rank #1 on Google search engine results for a highly competitive keyword phrase, “Autobiography of a Yogi.” At this time there were an additional 3,000 new emails to our list (a 30% increase), and a Facebook page growth of over 526%.

This success fueled the establishment of a united, branding and educational website for sharing tips and strategies for Ananda Sangha Worldwide, called Share Ananda. You can view the entire educational marketing course here on YouTube for free.

Website Samples

Are You Interested in a Workshop?

Get clarity as an individual or team. Leave with an actionable marketing plan for success and a way of effecitve communicating your vision, product, or service with the world.

Those who have taken this workshop have remarked,

“Your workshop sparked the positive outcomes we are seeing today. It is what got us going in the right direction and we learned how to successfully market on our own.”

The focus is on teaching principles and concepts that are at the core of a successful movement or digital marketing campaign. Your team leaves empowered to fill in the important pieces and day-to-day activities in the months to come.

In a typical workshop, I introduce the concept of content marketing (content = information shared). Content marketing has been proven 4x more successful than any other marketing strategy. It includes all of your activities from a photo shared online to a postcard sent by mail. View sample agenda.

Receive an assessment on your current marketing efforts and leave with a new and improved plan (2 hours) or complete our envisioning workshop to start with a fresh vision to fuel your success (2 hours).

All participants receive a free PDF copy of my book, How to Successfully Share Inspiration with the World, described by readers as “astounding, well-organized, and clear.”

Workshops by special topic are also available for those ready to go deeper into specific skills. Choose a specific social media site like Pinterest, Facebook or YouTube/Google Plus. Or learn how to do the ultimate content marketing strategy: create a website landing page, social media post, rank high on SEO, associated newsletter, and go viral!

I offer practical step-by-step educational presentations or interactive workshops where we can practice right then and there together.

“You are the absolute best!  I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done.  From the top, middle and bottom of my heart, thank you!”

You can have a free 15-minute consult to learn more about what these entail or sign up for a 2-hour workshop right away.

Are You Interested in Media or Press Relations?

I have experience with press event scriptwriting and coordination/planning of a media event, press releases, press kits, public advertising campaign, media strategy, op-eds, networking with journalists, and look forward to helping you with templates and more to empower you to move forward with your local and national publicity.

Enjoy these samples to help you get a feel for what I can offer you:

Educational Handouts Developed

Sample Published Works:

If you still aren’t sure, why don’t you try one of my free courses on Udemy? Or subscribe to the blog so we can simply stay in touch.