How to Make Your Website Better

Correctly marketing your website is important now more than ever! For your website is the holder of your content. It is a key place for people to land after they’ve seen a video, social media post, or blog. We’ve introduced the importance of making sure these mediums link back to the source by linking toContinue reading “How to Make Your Website Better”

How to Meditate: Meditation for Beginners

The meditation technique of Paramhansa Yogananda is the one that I found to be the most effective for bringing me to a deep feeling of peace and calm focus. Yogananda is author of the best-selling spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi. The name of this technique is Hong-Sau. “Hong” rhymes with “song” and “sau” is pronounced “saw.” Hong-Sau is aContinue reading “How to Meditate: Meditation for Beginners”

How to Stay Positive for Success

A positive attitude is a right attitude. Have you you ever noticed that when you are positive, your energy is lifted? During such a time, you may say, “I feel high”, or “I’m on top of the world!” Now, reflect on those times that you were feeling negative. Did your body seem to become “heavy”Continue reading “How to Stay Positive for Success”

Energy, Awareness, and Willpower

We are made of energy. Becoming aware of our energy; learning to direct it at will; and understanding the laws that attract a greater flow of energy, are all essential parts of living a happier life. Spiritual teacher Swami Kriyananda said, “There is no limit to the energy that we can draw from the Universe forContinue reading “Energy, Awareness, and Willpower”

Magnetism, Energy, and Success

Magnetism is the most important thing for success. What is magnetism? Magnetism is a force that operates in the material world, on an energetic level. Like gravity, it is there even though our five senses may not perceive it outwardly. Though physically unseen, we know of its existence. For example, this force is at work fromContinue reading “Magnetism, Energy, and Success”

How to Develop Concentration

In directing all of your energy toward achieving a goal, one-pointed concentration is necessary. The key to developing concentration is practice: practice concentrating on one thing at a time, and cultivating awareness: bringing your full awareness to whatever you do. When we are aware of how we direct our attention to things throughout the day, we areContinue reading “How to Develop Concentration”

How to Be a Supportive Leader

What is Leadership? Leadership is the ability to inspire and motivate others. And to lead is to direct others’ energy toward a shared or common goal. “Genuine leadership is only of one type: supportive. It leads people: It doesn’t drive them. It involves them: It doesn’t coerce them. It never loses sight of the most importantContinue reading “How to Be a Supportive Leader”

How to Use Hashtags on Social Media Effectively #hashtag ;)

More and more you are probably starting to see hashtags on your social media newsfeeds or whenever you log in, and thus we are receiving more and more the questions, “How do hashtags work? And what are they really for?” The better we understand something from our own experience the more effectively we can useContinue reading “How to Use Hashtags on Social Media Effectively #hashtag ;)”