Why I Want to Become a Part of Boho Beautiful’s Team


Kalamali and Yogesh, authors of For Joy We Live blog
My partner and I during travel to sacred sites in India.
  • My values include sharing positivity in the face of such challenging times, especially online, where I most often serve in the field of marketing and wellness.
  • Always striving for excellence, giving the highest energy and enthusiasm for everything I do.
  • Being true to my purpose and inner aspirations as a creative individual.
  • Empowering other individuals to do the same, by being true to their own happiness.
  • Practicing active listening and supportive leadership, becoming more self-aware.
  • Continuing to grow and master my field.
  • Trying new things, and being always a bit outside my comfort zone.
  • Asking for help when needed and surrounding myself with those who balance my strengths.
  • Continuing to live an adventure where I am not limited by places, time, or circumstance.
  • Giving more than I think is possible.


“Katherine (Kalamali) is skilled at using state-of-the-art marketing and communications techniques to promote social causes. A master of framing issues and packaging social marketing campaigns for maximum effectiveness.”

—Dr. Michael Siegel, Anti-Tobacco Legislator, Professor at Boston University School of Public Health

joyful-service-to-small-businessesPart of what makes me unique is being able to teach individuals, businesses, and organizations how to do simple but effective research to develop a data-driven marketing strategy that refines their brand’s voice and messages over time.

I refined a fun and creative envisioning process that helps brands speak their truth, tell a story, and most importantly, connects them to like-minded audiences. This stems from a content marketing strategy, proven 4 times more effective than other types of marketing.

From major social media sites to advertising to creative copy design to email strategy, I have always been willing to roll up my sleeves and get involved directly in campaigns. I’m also adept in social media influencing and sales strategies and hope to grow more in this area with Boho Beautiful.

Since I began marketing nearly ten years ago, I have enjoyed taking what I’ve learned and sharing it with individuals willing to improve. Eventually, my weekly newsletter and blog became a book and two online Udemy courses.

Magnificent at selecting just the right words. She has a gift.”  –Read additional testimonials.

Most recently, my work culminated in an educational marketing (“how-to”) website for a worldwide movement. It regularly reaches a network of 150 people, from India to Europe to the US, and allows us to work collaboratively on widespread, multi-platform campaigns. Together we successfully increased readership of Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda. View detailed highlights here.

I put my research background to extensive use during this time, in which I also worked for yoga retreats in California, Oregon, India, and Italy, as well as an online spiritual learning platform that reaches over 200 countries. I conducted survey research and interviews with potential or current audience members to refine messaging and brand strategy. I also worked diligently to change team attitudes toward content marketing (where we provide helpful content to grow brand through continued service). Through these experiences, I had access to large amounts of data to filter into search engine optimization (SEO) and social media strategy across multiple websites.

As a graduate research intern, I had the opportunity to form print ads published on buses and billboards in the state of Massachusetts, which bolstered my understanding of communications.

As part of my work at UC Davis, I am constantly gaining experience in press and media relations when it comes to the latest grant-funded research discoveries and major gifts from donors around the world. Here is one of my most recent press releases. I’ve also done research for publicity and media opportunities with various outlets who are aligned with some of UC Davis’ campaign for world-changing, interdisciplinary Big Ideas.


My vision is to work with influential people in the field of wellness, to help the world be a happier, more uplifting place to live.


I envision a work life with more flexibility to spend additional time with my family, especially my young daughter. And being able to lead a more alternative lifestyle with greater opportunities for travel, yoga, and meditation.

To one day learn enough to lead an online spiritual business with worldwide reach, supporting the work of my spiritual teacher, Paramhansa Yogananda. To reach more people with this ray of light through social media influencing and entrepreneurship.

In order to achieve this vision, I will keep growing and listening to my heart to manifest the right opportunities.

Thank you for taking the time to see if I can be the super power project manager you are seeking for your amazing Boho Beautiful vision.

❤ Kalamail

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