Sample Marketing Research Survey Questions for Creating a Strong Message or Brand

An important part of any nonprofit’s marketing plan includes surveying the target audience. Surveys are an integral part of informed marketing research because they help you to get a well-rounded picture of your target audience and what they will or will not like about your marketing campaign. Surveys are a wonderful tool to measure your [...]

Donor Letter Sample

A donor letter is written to encourage your followers to offer energy back for energy received. Donor letters are important for reaching out and gaining support from those who you have been building a relationship with over time, through content marketing. Donor Letter Template: [Logo and Business Header] [Name of Organization & Contact Information] To: Name [...]

How to Write a Donor Letter for Fundraising

The following is a template on writing a highly effective donor letter or fundraising message. It incorporates recommendations from some of the top marketing and fundraising consultants in the business. To be successful at fundraising, you need a strong will, an affirmation for success, and the consciousness of abundance. Money represents a flow of energy. Fundraising, [...]

Sample Press Release for Nonprofits

The following is a Sample Press Release Template that can be used by nonprofits or individuals serving a positive cause: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (CONTACT NAME) name of spokesperson for this event or coverage (TODAY’S DATE) (CONTACT’s PHONE # and/or EMAIL) HEADLINE: SHORT AND IN CAPITAL LETTERS, CENTERED ALIGNMENT Paragraph 1: What: 2-3 sentences what is [...]