How to Be a Supportive Leader

What is Leadership? Leadership is the ability to inspire and motivate others. And to lead is to direct others’ energy toward a shared or common goal. “Genuine leadership is only of one type: supportive. It leads people: It doesn’t drive them. It involves them: It doesn’t coerce them. It never loses sight of the most importantContinue reading “How to Be a Supportive Leader”

How to Use Hashtags on Social Media Effectively #hashtag ;)

More and more you are probably starting to see hashtags on your social media newsfeeds or whenever you log in, and thus we are receiving more and more the questions, “How do hashtags work? And what are they really for?” The better we understand something from our own experience the more effectively we can useContinue reading “How to Use Hashtags on Social Media Effectively #hashtag ;)”

How to Get Media Coverage

Great media coverage is possible. With the right planning, marketing strategy, and newsworthy messaging, your story can reach millions. To write a good press release, first create an attention-grabbing headline, followed by a sharp lead paragraph that states very quickly the who, what, where, when, and why of the press release. In the second or third paragraphs,Continue reading “How to Get Media Coverage”

How to Make Content Go Viral

To go “viral” means to share something over social media, on your website, or in the press, that gets shared beyond your normal reach. The best way to to have successful content that gets widely shared is to approach it with a spirit of selfless service, focusing not on what you can get, but on what youContinue reading “How to Make Content Go Viral”

Sharing Hope in Times of Need Using Social Media for Good

How can we share hope on social media in times of need? People often ask how social media can be used for more than just sharing recipes or the latest moods. They also wonder how they can become more enthusiastic about posting on social media. The key is to share joy, to share light, to shareContinue reading “Sharing Hope in Times of Need Using Social Media for Good”