Ways to Improve Facebook Posts During the Holidays

To help you expand your impact during the holiday season, when social media activity is at its peak, we would like to share 5 ways to optimize your Facebook posts, all of which can be used to improve your other social media posts as well:

1. Share more than just a link. Have you ever noticed posts where sharing just a link produced an automatically-generated image – that isn’t sized quite properly? This image is produced by the “featured image” set-up within the website itself, but is usually not sized properly for social media sharing.

The remedy? Take the time to upload your own properly-sized photo – even just a nice stock photo – before you copy and paste the link. And if you can pull out an awesome quote from the blog post or landing page you are sharing, to give a “taste” of the full article, it will make the post more magnetic overall. Adding more energy into the posts you create, will help your receive more energy (likes and shares) in return.

2. Post more than just your products. Don’t forget that social media can be used to build long-lasting and trust-filled relationships with each person who’s connected with you in this way. If you had a friend who all Christmas season you asked to buy something you sell, do you think they’d feel like as friendly toward you by the end of the season?

You can still share your latest service or product to your network, but practice mixing these posts in with more helpful and inspiring content (the larger quantity should be the latter). For example, include your favorite holiday jokes, inspiring quotes and photos, or recommended YouTube holiday music playlists.

And of course, for when you do post products, try doing so creatively. For example, create an album called “Ideas for Holiday Gifts,” perhaps even by target audiences: “Children’s Gift Ideas for the Holidays” or “Nature-Lovers’ Gift Ideas for the Holidays”. A lot of people are looking for creative or inspiring gift ideas this time of year, and you would be helping them by creating an easy way to sift through products by topic. Each product would be included as an image in the album, with each image’s description including a link to purchase, along with something fun and helpful about the product itself. And the album as a whole has a description, where you could included a message about your best wishes for the holiday season, and a link to your holiday landing page.

3. Be grateful and send warm wishes. Now is a wonderful time of year to express gratitude to all whom you connect with regularly on social media, by sending a Christmas card in the form of a photo-quote. You may also include a personalized thank you message from the leader of your organization or business, expressing a heart-warming story or resolution for the new year.

Perhaps you even send out a link to a free download or gift to show your appreciation for everyone at this time. (Without the need for anything in return.)

4. Specialize the content you create around the holidays. Make it newsworthy and relevant to people by tapping into some of the unique qualities people are tuning into this time of year: giving, inspiration, kindness, connection to one another, peace, joy, and hope in the year to come.

5. Change your cover photo to represent the holiday spirit of your endeavor. The image itself can also be made to reflect your website’s holiday theme or homepage banner. Changing cover photos and profile photos can be done often to generate new views and to reinvigorate your page.

A tip: After you’ve successfully uploaded the new cover image, be sure to edit its description to include a message that has to do with the holidays, especially a specific call to action you’re featuring during this time.

Happy holidays to you and yours!

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