The Power of a Movement

How to Use Digital Marketing Campaign Themes to Unite Energies Around the World

More and more we see the power of people coming together in social media and other online communications.

Be the Change began in an effort to create something that was bigger than just the movement of Ananda itself—a movement that even more people would be inspired by to come together with individuals all over the world around a common vision.

There have been classes through Stanford University on just how important it is to find what method of communication you can use that has to do with a movement.

Why? Because people are inspired to be a part of something greater than themselves. That is why it’s all about “we together being the change.” The campaign helps people come from their own center where peace and harmony reign, and then connect with others who are also part of the movement.

Part of Paramhansa Yogananda’s mission was the fellowship of truthseekers coming together—“satsang.” We even have the Biblical quote,

When two or more are gathered in my Name, there I am in the midst of them.

This is the power of magnetism in group energy drawing more inspiration than we could alone. If we can help people to see that it’s not just one tiny event to be a part of, but it is something much greater that has the power to uplift the whole world, Be the Change will be a huge success.

A Note About Target Audience

When it comes to who you are speaking to, note that many of the people that are the age group of 25-35 year-olds, even 40, it’s a big issue for that generation to feel like they can be a part of something where positive change can happen. If you think about our parents, they were a part of the 60s and the revolution in thinking of that time when loving one another and rallying for peace was already happening. This next generation is still seeking a way to express its desire to change society in a good way.

We all have some memory or feeling in our hearts that it feels more uplifting and more joyful to include others, to expand our awareness to love more than just ourselves, but to be a part of a greater love.

When we communicate to people we want to let them know that they can take part and participate in something that is a movement around this positive, uplifting flow of energy that will affect all of society.

So that’s why communicating that we are a part of something together, where people can find a solution to these trying times, and they can be a part of that positive change, is very important.

Recently, I was talking with someone about a new effort called Heart and Soul Kirtans up at Ananda Laurelwood, regarding the popularity of kirtans: there are so many people out there who know that coming together for these festivals is an experience of a lifetime.

They adore being able to come together in music and feeling that deeper than everyday life connection with one another, along with the energy that takes place at such an event—even sending out a joyful, devotional atmosphere to the world. Such an inspiring and uplifting moment in their lives is something they will never forget, and something they may hope to seek again.

When you are a part of any kind of marketing or communications team the most important thing you can do is figure out what you can tell someone right away that will speak to their heart and not just their mind. Instead of just talking about where Laurelwood is and how it is very beautiful, remember that what is going to inspire that individual on the other side of the screen the most is that they want to be a part of something again that moves them deeply and uplifts their consciousness.

Another moment that happened recently that is a good example of people feeling a part of a movement was the Solar Eclipse. Many, many people came together and were inspired by the energy of connection when they shared that awe for something incredible and expansive. It was a beautiful moment that brought their awareness outside of themselves and included others.

When you speak about Be the Change, you can remind people of that desire to share joy and be a part of something much greater that brings purpose and meaning.

This is how Swami Kriyananda guided the “next wave” at one of his last satsangs in July 2012: our generation has to communicate that there can be a life full of joy, full of meaning, full of purpose, not just one left sitting behind a desk job all day. Be the Change is an exciting movement where many people are tuning into the higher Self and helping those around them.

So many people, even now more than ever, are motivated to serve, to love, to come together in joy, and to make a difference in the world. With Be the Change we are trying to tune into how we can express that in a way that will draw more and more people into this campaign.

It is a campaign of great importance, and thus we want to do our best strategically as devotees in service to this ray, applying the art and science of marketing itself. This means clarity and purpose in how we communicate and knowing what will matter most to the person on the other side of the screen.

It would be helpful to re-read the chapter in “Marketing for Good: Principles for Spreading Inspiration,” on target audience, creating a story, and envisioning. That should help you tune into how you can really craft a framework for your communications and have clarity for what it is you want to say when you speak about Be the Change or relate your upcoming classes, events, or group satsang.

Lastly, in the beginning of “The New Path,” in chapter one, Swamiji talks about how Yogananda came to speak to everyone who are spiritual pioneers at heart.

You can think of this with Be the Change as talking to those people who are leaders and innovators with a new and deeper expression of yoga in the world, of meditation, of how it is consciousness that will change things not just our actions—that it is our ability to reach for higher qualities within ourselves that will ultimately create the change that we want to see.

We are with you and please contact us for support in all that you do regarding this powerful movement. AUM.

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