Letting Go of the Old and In With the New Year: Cleansing Your Social Media

1. Unfollow any Instagram accounts that do posts that pull your energy downward. Note: It’s harder for negative posts to go viral on Instagram.

2. Take a break from Facebook — many people find this platform harder to control what shows up when they first log in or when scrolling their feed. Think of it as a way to better control your environment and keep it uplifting.

3. Go through the contacts on your phone and delete those that remind you of the past instead of usher you towards a bright future.

4. Erase old messages or recent calls to “clear the air.”

5. Favorite the pictures on your phone that you cherish so you can be reminded of special moments more easily. Keep some of the Masters or saints so they are close at hand. Update your backgrounds or screens with something uplifting.

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