How to Cultivate Relationships on Social Media

Social media engagement is the cultivation of your relationships with the people that engage with you on social media.

Why is it important to periodically check on your social media sites to be sure posts appear properly when using a tool like Buffer?

Each social media site has a different culture that you need to be aware of, for example, Facebook has a different culture than Instagram. On Instagram, the use of hashtags and emojis is paramount to success. Hashtags in themselves are a language that can be used to make jokes or make heart connections.

When using Buffer you’ll notice that it doesn’t post as well on certain social media sites, like Instagram, because Instagram won’t hyperlink your links to landing pages or drive traffic back to your site as automatically. With Instagram, it’s actually better to set up an ad campaign that hosts a landing page within Instagram, even allowing purchases within the social site.

Just as when we write someone a letter or invite someone to our home in person, the response that someone gives us back matters. We respond in turn to the type of energy someone has given us, and we also like to give it back in some way because of the inherent way we build friendships. The same thing is true for social media.

So be careful not to miss out on opportunities that can help us build relationships with individuals participating on our social media platforms. For example, pay special attention to the comments section. Often you may notice the same names commenting again and again on your social media accounts. Pay attention to these people and get to know them. They may be someone who is already connected to your organization or business, but perhaps only virtually. You may be the reason they come in person the first time because you extended a more personal invitation. Perhaps to a free meditation class or personal retreat.

Become more aware and more connected to the loyal audience you already have. And begin paving the way to the next step of your relationship, helping that individual’s connection to what you have to offer.

Check out this tool, it’s called EverTrue. It allows nonprofits (especially academic institutions) that have a member database to see what members are engaging on social media and may be ready to take the next step, whether it’s attending a program, retreat, buying a book, or making a gift. It’s not necessarily for you to purchase it, but just get a feeling for what they are doing.

This is a mentality that we can all embrace to help us make more friendships, deepen connections with those who are already interested in what we have to give, and perhaps include it in our social media plans for future.

How do you engage with your social media followers? Write in the comments below.

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