How to Get Setup and Stream a Facebook Live Video

Tips for getting setup to stream a Facebook LIVE video.

Why Use Facebook Live?

Per Facebook’s figures, on average, users watch a live video more than three times longer when it is live. Facebook also says users comment over 10-times more frequently on Facebook Live videos than other videos.

Part 1) Setting Up Your Facebook Live Event

Have a strong WiFi or 4G connection. You may want to use an Ethernet hook up to your laptop, with mic and video recording device plugged in and set to be your default cam and mic. (Check your computer settings area to do this.)

Reduce the possibility of any background noise. Turn off landline ringers. Turn phone that is doing the recording on airplane mode to avoid calls interrupting the video session.

Set up tripod and iPhone or recording camera to be the proper height.

Check lighting. More.

Create a good backdrop. Simple, not to take focus away from you, but lively. You can have photo of Master in background. Flowers. Color or nature scene as a poster. Piece of art. Etc. Try not to have anything messy or distracting behind you (clean up your space!).

Promote that there will be a Facebook Live in advance, on such and such day and time so there may good attendance. This helps your Live feed to come up in the newsfeed when others log on to Facebook. They can also come ready to your live event with comments or questions.

Have a team member there who will set up a way to see how everything looks and sounds and to watch the live stream. They will also be able to see who’s coming on your Facebook Live stream to watch what comments viewers are typing on the feed. Otherwise, it can be hard for the speaker both to concentrate on those live comments and the stream of thought being shared. It is helpful for this assistant or team member to have a little signaling system to the main speaker for when there are good questions to answer. There should also be a way to show you the time left to keep you on track. Feel free to keep going if the audience is growing and chiming in!

Learn how to set up your Facebook page as a charitable nonprofit that people can donate to during your Live Feed. Instructions here. This is also now true for Instagram stories.

Part 2) Speaking Notes

Introduce yourself and tell the audience what you plan to cover. It’s recommended to focus on content like popular topics for the time, Q&As, news, interviews, behind-the-scenes, and live with audience events. You could also do a question-answer once people know to expect your upcoming Facebook Live, such that they come prepared with more questions.

Stream for at least 10 minutes. Viewers will have no idea of the time commitment involved so it’s helpful to share that detail. You also have to accommodate people who come into the live stream late, after 5 minutes from the start, for example. One way to help them know what is going on and what you will cover is to have a basic whiteboard with a headline written behind you or on the screen somewhere. Note: This message gets flipped if you are recording with the camera facing you, so one solution is to have a glass board in front of the whiteboard with the writing pre-flipped so it appears properly.

Encourage comments and other feedback.  Assistant to the main video speaker(s) should let you know comments coming in and share them with you as you say you are ready for them.

Be prepared for possible difficult situations/questions that could come in and have answers ready. Note: If you are worried about inappropriate comments coming in, stick to having the feed go only to your current network, or select that it only appears to those who are friends of your Facebook page.

During the stream, remind people to follow your Facebook page so they can stay up to date on the next broadcast. Remind them again who you are in case you had latecomers.

Be sure to end your live video with a call to action (like an upcoming event or website page) and tell your audience a bit about your plans for the next video (new topic? Same time and place?).

Note: It’s recommended to do the next Facebook Live video at the same time and place so people can anticipate the next video and get in a rhythm of attending. The recommended time is around 3pm since you’re not competing with much. Otherwise somewhere between 6-9pm, however, then you are competing with other factors that arise at that time of night. (One thing about late timing is people in India can tune into it, as it is early morning their time.)

Ask them to share the video after your completed live video automatically posts to your Facebook page.

Make sure that they can easily contact you with any follow-up questions.  Suggest they message your Facebook page or email you.

Have a closing line to signal the broadcast’s end.

Good luck on your Facebook Live broadcast! Share your best broadcasting tips below.

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