Sharing Hope in Times of Need Using Social Media for Good

How can we share hope on social media in times of need?

People often ask how social media can be used for more than just sharing recipes or the latest moods. They also wonder how they can become more enthusiastic about posting on social media. The key is to share joy, to share light, to share uplifting media images, videos, quotes, articles, and whatever it is that you hope will raise the consciousness of social media today.

Become a leader in positive marketing and share the kinds of content you know is for the greater good.

This is even more important in times of need, for example, in light of what happened in Paris, France. There is more fear, more separateness, and negativity on the planet when situations like this arise; and we can counter that with more of what we need – positivity and hope.

And with social media sites like Facebook reaching over two billion people on the planet – we know the incredible potential there is for reaching millions with positive messages and posts. We now have the opportunity to apply all that we have learned to do this successfully. Our duty is to bring about higher consciousness on the planet through content marketing channels like social media, video, and blogs. Things that will be seen and appreciated and that send out waves of hope for a peaceful and harmonious world.

Whatever your endeavor, take the time to send positive, healing energy to the planet this week in whatever way that you can.

How do you share positivity via your social media channel?

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Living out the yogic principles within our modern, daily life. Positivity is power.

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