How to Make Content Go Viral

To go “viral” means to share something over social media, on your website, or in the press, that gets shared beyond your normal reach.

The best way to to have successful content that gets widely shared is to approach it with a spirit of selfless service, focusing not on what you can get, but on what you can give.

What is content? 

Content is information in the form of video, photo, link, article, etc. It is what you offer that is useful, helpful, inspiring, and at the same time free. If not free, it should at least be inspiring or helpful enough that people don’t think of what you shared as being an advertisement imposed upon their flow of the day.

Content marketing is supported by search engine optimization, websites, and social media platforms. It includes the things that go on your website or social media sites, such as videos, images, blogs, social media, and more.

What about content makes it go viral?

By incorporating one or more of the things from this list, your content will have a high chance of having a large impact:

  • Inspirational
  • Creative
  • Beautiful
  • Evokes high energy
  • Sparks enthusiasm
  • Tells a meaningful story
  • Humorous
  • Passionate
  • Caring
  • Surprising
  • Interesting
  • Practical
  • Timely

By providing people with helpful, high-quality content, they will naturally want to share. When your content is posted with the pure motive of inspiring others, it will build respect, trust, and the magnetism necessary for attracting a wider following.

When people share content that is uplifting and inspiring, it gives them the opportunity to have a positive impact on others. With this comes an increased sense of happiness.

Important points

  • Why do I care? Why will they share?
  • Sharing is caring
  • Going viral means expanding your network of connections and gaining support
  • Have fun!

An Example of Content Gone Viral

A wonderful, heart-warming campaign that went viral was done by the ALS Association for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). You may have heard or seen the “Ice Bucket Challenge.” More than 17 million people uploaded their challenge videos to Facebook. These videos were watched by 440 million people reaching a total of 10 billion times.

It is now an annual event to raise awareness and funds to find treatments and a cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Other Ways to Make Share-Worthy Content:

Just to help encourage you, there is an estimated 7 billion people on the planet, and it is estimated that 3 billion of them will be online by 2020. There are 2 billion already on Facebook. A huge potential exists to reach into the millions with any viral campaign.

It will help you also if you have a group of people, such as our Share Ananda team, who all work together to share content at the same time and day, through a chosen social media platform, that from there can go out further than you’ve reached before.

To help you achieve your goals, there are also platforms for organized social media activism, such as Tik Tok. It’s important to organize an effort around one big event that you plan throughout the course of several months, generating magnetism and support along the way, until it’s ready to be released.

To learn more about marketing with inspiration over information, view excerpts from my book, The Yoga of Marketing.

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