How to Host a Successful Webinar Online

Webinars are a great way to share with others the information and knowledge that you have gained in your area of service. It is a wonderful way to expand and improve our capabilities and skills by sharing even the smallest tips that can create the biggest impact.

Here are some webinar host or online class streaming programs:

  • Zoom (Meeting or Webinar)
  • YouTube or Facebook LIVE streaming
  • IGTV
  • AirMeet

Tips to remember

Here are some simple tips on webinars to remember leading up to the presentation:

  • The content of the webinar and the way you lead it will affect the impact or quality.
  • Less is more, as people are generally overwhelmed already with the constant intake of new information. Taking things step by step will allow people to grasp what is most meaningful and worthwhile.
  • Incorporate humor. Doing so keeps the atmosphere light and engaging, and helps your listeners be relaxed and receptive.
  • Use personal stories and examples of other projects or experiences that illustrate what does or does not work
  • Create your presentation slides with just a few major points per slide—not a lot of text—so that people can capture the main message to take away with them.
  • Think of your audience as you are writing the points. Be conscious of avoiding language that may be confusing to a beginner. Think of the topics they would need to know most, given the level of experience and availability of time and resources. (You can even send out a survey via email or SurveyMonkey ahead of time to ask them simply what topics they want to learn more about.)
  • Presentations can be more easily comprehended when supported with visuals. Use images or even cartoons to support the point you’re trying to convey. You can experiment with using screenshots as examples of what you are talking about, or even create graphics that illustrate a point or a metaphor relevant to your information.
  • Create a few simple handouts that capture the summary of your presentation that people can refer back to later. Include some suggested reading of Swami or Master, of experts in the field, and even affirmations or visualizations where appropriate.
  • Practice a run through of the presentation to see how closely it aligns with the time you have been allotted. Rehearse the way you will speak about each point.
  • Submit your slides and handouts a week early to be edited and reviewed.  

Webinar to do list

  1. Leading up to the webinar, send an email reminder twice. Once the day before and once one hour before the actual date and time.
  2. Before starting, meditate and pray to be a channel for the divine to flow through you. Visualize and feel the audience and tune into their needs.
  3. Prior to the beginning, have a team member dial in to check the number is working, and log in to the chat room to upload all materials, MP3s, etc.
  4. In your introduction, state when you will allow time for question and answer (whether during or after).
  5. Demo your software, and don’t go through too quick. Time should be allowed for people to refresh their browsers and load (about five seconds per screen change)
  6. “Stop” the core material and leave extra time for unofficially scheduled program
  7. Close ALL unnecessary applications. There should be no popups or interruptions.
  8. Start promptly.
  9. Call in at least 15 minutes early, so that there is no beep when you arrive and others are already there. It is your role to create the environment and set up the vibration of the atmosphere for those attending.
  10. Use slides and an announcement saying, “Webinar will begin in 10 minutes,” or during the call state that audio is working, and the webinar will start soon.
  11. Send out recording and slides within 24 hours after the webinar. Fast follow-ups keep the energy fresh and help others take next steps.
  12. Share! Post the webinar link on your social media sites and share it in an email along with your newsletter and messages to family and friends.

Activities to complete immediately after the webinar is complete:

  • Upload video files and publish them to YouTube. Include a title and between 5 and 7 tag descriptions to the video. Be sure to use a great title. Include your logo or a slide at the end with a link to your website. (Using the YouTube editor, you can do these sorts of things. Check out their instructions how to guide.)
  • Link the video to your website and embed it into a page or post.
  • Post on SlideShare, LinkedIn, and other social media to share the new content.
  • Utilize the content of your webinar handouts as a new blog post and embed the video along with the article.

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