Donor Letter Sample

A donor letter is written to encourage your followers to offer energy back for energy received. Donor letters are important for reaching out and gaining support from those who you have been building a relationship with over time, through content marketing.

Donor Letter Template:

[Logo and Business Header]

[Name of Organization & Contact Information]

To: Name of Invitee
From: [Name of sponsor initiating invitation], [Name of organization]

Who are we?

The [xx] is

What is our vision?

Our experience at [xx] has demonstrated that [xx].

Imagine [xx]

Now, imagine this being adopted worldwide. It is the time for us to expand our reach.

Why have we written to you?

We are speaking to you because we believe you share an appreciation for these same ideals and would be interested in supporting us. We are presenting you with a unique opportunity to help manifest [xx] by [xx].

How are we doing it?

We are currently fundraising to finance the creation and initial operational budget of the [xx projects]. Our next step is to [xx].

Will you help us fund this effort?

With interim fundraising goals over the course of this next year, we will raise a total of [xx] by [xx].

Who is leading this effort?

[Names, experiences of those involved in the organization]

What do we want from you?

Please let us know if you would be interested in supporting [goal] by contacting [name], the [role of contact] at [organization].

What do you get from this?

[Insert framework associated with the main inspiration behind the cause]

Please accept our invitation to join [organization name] in creating this new possibility.

Thank you so much for your support and for taking the time to explore this opportunity.

To make a contribution contact [xx]. Phone: [xx] Email: [xx]


[Contact Information, including website address if available.]

If online, be sure to include social media sharing tools to encourage sharing across networks]


To learn more about marketing with inspiration over information, to receive more samples and templates, view excerpts from my book, The Yoga of Marketing.

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