Kalamali Lee Reviews from Udemy Course on Marketing

“Absolutely brilliant suggestions!  I loved every one of them. Thank you, thank you!”

“Magnificent at selecting just the right words. You have a gift.”

“You are the absolute best!  I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done.  From the top, middle and bottom of my heart, thank you!”

—Virginia, CA, Multi-nonprofit Director

“Skilled at using state-of-the-art marketing and communications techniques to promote social causes. A master of framing issues and packaging social marketing campaigns for maximum effectiveness.”

-Dr. Michael Siegel, Professor at Boston University School of Public Health, Boston, MA

“I would highly recommend Katherine without a moments hesitation for any job. We just started a non-profit called Seva Sandals and she drove the project all the way through start to finish. Her knowledge of marketing and promotions was very impressive. Her attitude was always positive and enthusiastic, her level of energy high, and she did everything in a most expedient manner. She has a very serviceful and pleasant disposition and was a joy to work with.”

-Krishnadas Locicero, VP, Seva Sandals, Nevada City, CA

“Katherine Lee helped us with a project involving building business for a new retreat house. I and some others met with Katherine to share the background and our ideas. Katherine picked up the project from there, and with a joyful spirit generated overview summary materials right away to make sure she had the picture right – and plunged into the needed work. In very little time, Katherine did a number of interviews, and collated and shared that input. She did a great deal of research on market potential, and organized and shared that through clear communication. She made suggestions on how we should proceed and when our decisions were made, Katherine generated new web site copy and other changes. These will allow us to use the lanquage of our markets and more clearly present what we have to offer. She also was a key player in helping us get a joint venture started with another division.
In short, Katherine is bright, focused, organized, efficient, a good communicator, and a real pleasure to work with.”
Timothy Hickey, General Manager, The Expanding Light Retreat, Nevada City, CA
I remember being very helped hearing you speak and I knew you have a very good reputation for this kind of work. Our staff has been very impressed with your work and everyone is absolutely thrilled.
Being a contractors wife I appreciate the idea that if you get the foundation right all else will follow. And you need someone who knows how to build a good foundation!
-Pavani, Educator at Living Wisdom School in Portland, Oregon area