Assessment & Strategy

Receive an assessment on your current marketing efforts and leave with a new and improved plan. Great for those who have already completed an envisioning workshop.

create-change-testimonial-inspired-marketing-spiritual-marketing-businessSend your current activities, website, and social media links. Give the top 5 similar nonprofits or businesses in your field for analysis. Interviews will be completed with your main communications team or committee members, and you will receive an assessment report with a revised marketing strategy (including activities and recommended timeline). See sample marketing plan.

Includes a 2-3 hr workshop presentation on results with instruction on what to do to improve current activities, including website presentation, email marketing, flyers, mailings, press releases, social media, SEO (search engine optimization), advertising, research basics, and overall viral content matter. Also includes a copy of my book, Principles for Spreading Inspiration, described by readers as “astounding, well-organized, and clear.”

$500. Special circumstance sliding scales available.

Beyond this, you can also add:

+ Additional Coaching – Weekly ($100/week) and monthly ($500/mo) coaching meetings are available thereafter, for those individuals on your team seeking mastery over concepts introduced in the initial assessment and strategy.

+ Marketing Research – $1,000 including survey and analysis of current audience across newsletter list, social media networks, and employee interviews.