Media & Press

I have over 5 years of media and press background, including:

  • Press releases
  • Advocacy event planning
  • Press kit development
  • Media strategy
  • Journalist networking 

During my time in the Boston area, I had the opportunity to design a public advertising campaign for the city of Quincy, Massachusetts. Our team conducted surveys amongst two target audiences to create a message that would resolve the city’s underage drinking epidemic:

During my time in Boston, I was also given the opportunity to drive an important media and social advocacy campaign for a local coalition, aiming to update alcohol laws in the state of Massachusetts.

Eventually, our bill gained press coverage and a new law was passed to ban alcohol advertising on public transportation throughout the state.

Educational Handouts Developed

Press Releases

In order of most recent work:

The SAFE-MA press release above was submitted to with over 500 search results the following day.

Press Kits

Magnificent at selecting just the right words. She has a gift.”  -Virginia Becker, The Blue Tarp Project.