For those who understand that they have a higher purpose to discover and share with the world. For those who want to awaken their true potential through success, health and healing, and the art and science of meditation.


Joyful wellness and success coaching according to the Superconscious Living principles of Self-realization.

We all need a fresh perspective when it comes to creating successful goals to envision a new way of life. With so many meditation tips and life coaching available, it is great to have a “help-mate” that fits your vibration and shares your values when it comes to personal transformation.

“Absolutely brilliant suggestions!  I loved every one of them. Thank you, thank you!” V.B. San Jose, CA.

With all the changes in our world, more and more loved ones have been seeking tools to stay centered amidst the chaos and uncertainty that surrounds us today. We need meditation and practical tools from the ancient science of yoga to guide us and transform us—until nothing can take us from that state of peace and of joy.

For each individual, I seek to understand their source of inspiration, their past, and their vision for the future. Together, we will build a sustainable plan of action and revisit our goals each week, improving our strategies so that you can achieve your full potential as a being of light on this Earth.

I began my journey in the field of public health, studying health communications and working around the world serving various nonprofits in sharing content that would inspire positive change and motivate people to take action to better their life.

Over the last 10 years, I have studied the ancient yoga teachings of Self-realization, as brought by Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi.

Highlights of Experience

“Doing your exercises once again opened my heart to what I started my business for, and reminded me of what I have to give.” —J, CA

Interested in learning how to meditate virtually as part of a supportive online community? Are you motivated to be free from fear and stress? To re-energize your life? To find ways to stay happy and well despite all that’s happening around you? Preview this online course, “How to Be Happy All the Time”:


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How to Reach Me

If you are interested in additional online education, workshops, coaching or public speaking, or just want to ask a question, reach out here or via social media: